Dr Leahcim Semaj

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Dr. Leahcim Semaj knew he had a special gift for sharing information when he won the Distinguished Teacher Award at Cornell University in 1980. With a unique ability to impact persons at all levels of education and competence, Dr. Semaj creates a participatory environment that keeps the audience fully engaged.

This Quantum Transformation Psychologist combines ancient wisdom with contemporary ‘livity’  to bring fresh insight to old human problems.

He is a frequent facilitator for Leadership Training, Strategic Planning Retreats, Organizational Restructuring, Cultural and Work/Values Alignment and Corporate Coaching. Dr. Semaj has worked with many sectors including -
Energy, Hospitality, Finance, Gaming, Telecommunications, Security, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Distribution, Manufacturing, Education and Government.
He has worked in North America, South America, Europe and across the Caribbean.

His areas of expertise include: The Evolution of the World of Work, Creating and Managing the Future, Relationships, Managing Change, The Science of Spirituality, Wellness & Work/Life Balance and Demystifying complex concept that impact people’s lives.

Dr. Semaj is a graduate of Kingston College (Jamaica). He has a B.A. cum laude (1974) from City College of New York, M.Sc. (1976) & PhD (1978) from Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey and Pre & Post Doctoral Fellowships from Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey. He has held teaching and research posts at Rutgers and at Cornell University (USA), at the University of the West Indies and The College of Agriculture in Jamaica.

He has been involved in Jamaican media as a newspaper columnist for all the major publications and hosted a variety of radio and TV programmes.

Talia Soares

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Born in Kingston St. Andrew, Talia Soares is a 26 year old Attorney-at-Law and Media Personality who is driven and determined to succeed.

Currently she is one of three hosts on TVJ’s entertainment program INTENSE, the host for TVJ’s ultimate weight loss show ‘Losing It’ and since the beginning of 2019 she has been the co-host of your favorite weekend morning show, Weekend Smile on TVJ.

She has also been a radio presenter and host on Fame 95 fm for the past three (3) years where she has brought Jamaica and the world at large the latest in Entertainment News on the E-Blaze every Monday to Saturday.

Over the years she has hosted a number of corporate functions, award and fashion shows, launches and live entertainment events for rebel salute, shaggy and friends, the Appleton Signature Night Series, 100 live, Diamond Mile, The Marlin Tournament, The AMCHAM Awards Red Carpet and Bacchanal Jamaica just to name a few.

Yannick Reid

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Yannick Reid (BA) is a Jamaican born visual artist that specializes in a variety of digital mediums mainly;

Graphic Design and Digital Illustration
Photography: Concert, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Editorial, Documentary
Videography: Direction, Camera operation, and Editing

Since 2014, Yannick has been Creative Director for Jamaican Reggae artiste; Protoje, but also freelances, and works with a variety of clients interested in all encompassing design, and an individual who is knowledgeable in multiple steps of execution. With a Photographer father, and an Interior Designer as mother, Yannick was influenced by art from an early age. With a vivid imagination inspired by movies and television, he always had the desire to recreate the sublime and awe inspiring feeling he received from his favourite shows.

Working a large stage show such as Reggae Sumfest from as early as 2008, and studying at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing arts, Yannick is not only trained, but experienced in Art and Design. At the EMC, Yannick studied to achieve a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, but while there taught himself the art of videography. Yannick has a passion for creating work that impacts viewers not just on a visceral level, but also an emotional one, this desire is what motivates him to not just focus on one medium but incorporate multiple skills that can deliver not just isolated works, but entire presentations.

Neko Kelly

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At a young age, Neko used his natural ability to be creative innovative ensembles and turned his dreams of being a fashion stylist into a reality. With strong editorial work in the pages of magazines and eminent celebrity image maker, Neko is in a League of his own.

With lack of resources, The St. Catherine born stylist began pursuing his passion by assisting on editorial shoots for local magazines while pursuing a Bachelors degree in Language Communication and Society at The University of the West Indies. Spontaneously, Neko built relationships that opened doors, which would have otherwise remained closed. Behind those doors were opportunities for Neko to thrive and become a well respected fashion stylist in the industry. Neko's ambition, attention to detail and ability to draw inspiration from the world around him as ultimately created the foundation for his successful vision and brand. He has dressed some of the hottest and most respected stars in Jamaican  entertainment including Movado, Masicka, Konshens, D'Angel, Tanya Stephens, Nadine Sutherland, Ding Dong, Tami and Tessane Chin amongst many more and international artistes such a Keke Palmer and Sean Kingston. Neko also put his creative skills to use to design sets for commercials and music videos. He approaches each project with the goal of expressing the client's individuality as a key component to their overall look, making him one of the most sought after stylists in the country.

Kandi King

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In her 31 years, Kandi King has learnt and mastered the art of turning dreams and passions into business and profitability.

King, the Managing Director of Karnival by Kandi, a unique concierge service that provides vacation destination packages to carnivals across the Caribbean and its diaspora, began this venture in 2014. This lead her to become a founding member and Director at Xaymaca International, one of the newest carnival bands in Jamaica that hit the streets in 2017. She also juggles her time in business and carnival by being a television presenter at Business Access TV as host for the series “Chill Spot”.

Prior to her journey into the world of business, King was the Operations Manager for the Media Department at Sandals for two and half years. A graduate of Hiram College in Ohio with a BA in Business Management, and an alumni of St Andrew High School for Girls, she has taken both her educational and work experience and blended it with her love for carnival and the creative industry to undoubtedly become one of most recognizable young entrepreneurs in Jamaica.


Dr L’Antoinette Steins

L’Antoinette Steins

Possessing the experience that comes from many years and many lives, Dr. Stines has a long and varied performing history since 1965 ranging from classical ballet to Yoruba “Orisha” dance. Her dance career began in Jamaica with Alma Mock Yen (1965-71), continued to the Martha Graham School and finally to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (1977- 1978).

She originally established L’ACADCO: A United Caribbean Dance Force in Miami, Florida in 1978. She relocated the company to Jamaica on her return to the country in 1982. Today, L’Acadco is regarded as one of Jamaica’s leading contemporary dance companies and Dr. Stines as one of the experts in the development of contemporary technique as well as popular and traditional Jamaican dance. She has lectured in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and The Caribbean.

In 1994, Dr. Stines unveiled a new modern Caribbean dance Technique called L’Anyah Reggae Technique later known as L’ANTECH. Culminating from over ten years of research, this innovative technique is a blend of classical ballet and several Caribbean folklore forms. Regarded as one of the three pure modern dance technique to develop out of the Caribbean, L’ANTECH, the language, gives the audience choreography embodying a wholeness of body, mind, and soul. The technique is now included on the CAPE level examinations 

Her Ph.D. is on Cultural Studies in Dance from the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. She functions as cultural consultant  to movies such as Baby Mother—London, Revelations—Jamaica,  Beyonce and Jayz Everything is love,  Luke Cage Season 2 and more. She is the author of SOUL CASINGS: A Journey from Classical Ballet to the CARIMOD DAAANCE Technique and Does The Caribbean Body Daunce Or Daaance?: Dr. Stines appears in the Netflix Series Luka Cage Episode 11 titled The Creator and was nominated for the Dora Mayor Moore Award for Outstanding Choreography for the Watah Theatre production “Lukumi: A Dub Opera ,The Doctor Bird Award For Excellence in Dance, The RJR/Gleaner Award for Dance and is featured  in Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 11. “Skanking Sweet” by Chronix as well as  Beyonce’ and Jayz’s song “Black is Everything” on their 2018 Album titled “Everything Is Love”, released June 2018.